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Test Grid Spec - Phase 1

About 3 min

Test Grid Spec - Phase 1

Welcome to the Nosana Test Grid Phase 1! This document contains everything you need to know before you participate.

Getting started

For the duration of the first Test Grid, you will be assigned to a market with similar devices. The instructions in your email contain details about your market access key and how to connect with it. If you have not received this email yet please be patient, it should arrive within the first week. You should not switch to a different market unless requested to do so by the Nosana team.


During the Test Grid, you will get paid in NOS for the computations you perform while running jobs as a Nosana Node. Additional rewards can be earned by completing certain challenges. The reward specification sheet with all the details can be found in the Test Grid Reward Sheetopen in new window.

All rewards are paid out in NOS tokens. The rewards listed in euros are converted to NOS at the market rate specified after the Test Grid.


The rewards are subject to change, and can be updated by Nosana to reflect market conditions, improve fairness, or for any other reason.

Compute Job Rewards

For processing compute jobs on your GPU, you will be rewarded with a certain amount of NOS per second. The amount you earn depends on your GPU model. These rewards are paid out immediately upon completion and can be freely transferred.

Note that job earnings are subsidized for the Test Grid and are higher than during normal operations. Also, there will be periods during Test Grid where your GPU is idle and does not earn rewards.


  • To earn rewards, you must run a Nosana Node and let it successfully do compute jobs
  • You only earn rewards while processing compute jobs. During idle times, your GPU is not utilized and you will not earn rewards.
  • Compute Rewards are directly transferred to your node’s Solana account

Additional Rewards

There are multiple tasks that can be completed for additional rewards, like sharing your experience on social networks or publishing educational content. These rewards are paid out at the end of the Test Grid and are subject to several conditions:


  • You must perform the KYC process through our portal.
  • You may not be a resident of one of the listed restricted countriesopen in new window.
  • The amount is linearly unlocked over a period of 31 days, starting at the end of the Test Grid.
  • You will get access to our vesting portal, where vested tokens can be claimed at any time.
  • You must have completed at least 1 compute jobs on the Test Grid.
  • The additional tasks are subject to approval by the Nosana team.

If the requirements are not met, we will not be able to pay out additional rewards.

Refer to the Test Grid Reward Sheetopen in new window for details on the payment of tasks.

Details on the Additional Reward Types

Once you complete an additional task, fill out the following form: in new window

Task TypeDescriptionRequirements
ReferralsRefer a friend to sign up for the waitlist for our Test Grid.They must fill in your node's address on the Wait List formopen in new window and successfully register.
Video TutorialCreate educational content in video format (YouTube/shorts/reels) (e.g., How to become a Node, How to monetize your GPU)See Video Requirements below
Written GuideCreate written educational content (tweet thread/blog post) (e.g., How to become a Node, How to monetize your GPU)See Written Content Requirements below
Social Media ReviewShare your experience on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or TikTok (short review, mention benefits, etc.)
Opinion PieceWrite an opinion piece (article/blog) about the current state of AI Inference and GPU market, and how Nosana can address challengesSee Written Content Requirements
Test Grid Feedback FormProvide feedback on the Test Grid feedback formForm will be shared near the end of Test Grid Phase 1

Video Requirements:

  1. Language: Video content language is at your discretion, as long as it is well-spoken and demonstrates a high level of proficiency.
  2. Platform: Video content must be uploaded to YouTube for longer tutorials, TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube shorts for shorter videos.
  3. Quality: Videos must be in 720p quality or higher.
  4. Sound Quality: Ensure you are using a microphone for high-quality audio in the video.
  5. Task Demonstration: The video must effectively demonstrate the successful completion of the task from start to finish.
  6. Quality Evaluation: The quality will be evaluated by the Nosana core team
  7. Timeline: All video submissions must be made before the end of the Test Grid

Written Content Requirements:

  1. Language: Written content language is at your discretion, as long as it is well-written and demonstrates a high level of proficiency.
  2. Platform: Written content must be published as a tweet thread, blog post, or any other appropriate platform.
  3. Quality: Ensure the written content is clear, well-structured, and provides valuable information.
  4. Task Description: Clearly describe the task or topic covered in the content.
  5. Recommended Lengths:
    • Opinion Piece: Under 700 or 800 words.
    • Written Guide: At least 1,000 words. Longer blog posts need to contain actionable information that will help their readers solve problems.
  6. Quality Evaluation: Written content quality will be evaluated by the Nosana core team.
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