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Welcome to the journey of Nosana, a platform that powers the AI revolution by creating the world's largest distributed GPU network. Our mission is to power the AI revolution with powerful computational resources. Our roadmap outlines the key stages of our growth. The journey is divided into five major release cycles, each named after a galaxy, symbolizing our quest to explore the vast universe of possibilities.

  1. Genesis: The birth of our platform, a stage of rigorous testing and refining.
  2. Galactica: The expansion phase, where we open up our network to the public.
  3. Triangulum: Our step towards increased interoperability, integrating with major machine learning protocols.
  4. Whirlpool: Where we broaden our horizons, supporting a diverse array of GPU types and devices
  5. Sombrero: Our commitment to cater to businesses of all sizes, with the introduction of financial and collaborative features.

At every stage, we focus on different aspects of our platform, aiming to provide a robust, scalable, and user-friendly GPU network. We eagerly anticipate the journey ahead and invite you to join us as we push the boundaries of what's possible.

Release cycles

Genesis (v0.1 - H2 2023)

This is the platform's launch, which includes alpha and beta stages. It will entail bootstrapping the GPU network and replicating demand > supply > demand throughput to test the system from start to finish. It will involve testing the system, onboarding early adopters, and gathering input for future upgrades. During this phase, the emphasis will be on guaranteeing the platform's stability, dependability, and performance.

Galactica (v1.0 - H1/H2 2024)

The main grid will go live in the second phase. The CLI and SDK will be released, allowing anyone to connect to the network. In addition, a Container Node for consumer GPUs will be launched. The emphasis throughout this phase will be on scaling the network and engaging with a broader user base.

Triangulum (v1.X - H2 2024)

The focus of this release is on integrating major machine learning protocols. The Community Connector Library, as well as official connectors for PyTorch, HuggingFace, TensorFlow, and others, will be released. During this phase, the platform's usability and compatibility with existing machine-learning tools and libraries will increase.

Whirlpool (v1.X - H1 2025)

The platform's reach will be expanded even further, which will support a more diverse array of GPUs, including those from AMD, Intel, and Apple Silicon. The objective is to make Nosana the world's largest compute grid. Since it will be necessary to make sure the platform can handle a wide range of hardware and use cases, this phase will present major technical obstacles.

Sombrero (v1.X - H2 2025)

Support for medium-sized and large businesses will be added in this release, as well as fiat currency ramping, billing, and teams. Because the platform will need to attract and support a broader range of users and use cases, this phase will include not only technological development but also business and community growth.

Expected Timeline

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