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Welcome to the Nosana Network! Let us give you an introduction to Nosana and her vision

What is Nosana CI?

We assist open-source initiatives in developing faster, more cost-effective, and more secure software. We are the first decentralized computation platform fueled by the NOS token and powered by the Solana Network.

At its core, Nosana is a platform for crowd-computing, where community members may rent out the CPU power of their machines to their favorite projects in exchange for NOS tokens. It will support the vast majority of consumer electronics, making it a very accessible option to produce extra revenue. With Nosana, open source projects may automate themselves without relying on Big Tech.

What Nosana Offers

Nosana’s CI/CD tooling makes it possible for developers to run fully automated DevOps pipelines. This makes development easier, reduces the number of software bugs introduced in updates, and removes user error. Because Nosana is decentralized, the automation will also be transparent to users, thus increasing communication and trust with your user base.

Helping businesses gain access to compute capacity that is always “on” will become a pressing necessity over the next few years as the amount of processing power needed continues to rise in both traditional and web3 metaverse communities. Nosana brings decentralized crowd computing to the metaverse at its most critical time of need.

Ultimate Vision

We aim to bring the disruptive power of blockchain technology to the field of application development for all types of apps.

As we move toward a future that is more decentralized, our ultimate vision is that projects will not rely on centralized mega-corporations for their daily operations. We believe that communities can perform essential computations in a decentralized manner by utilizing the Nosana Network. With Nosana, a robust community has the ability to keep any project running forever.


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