Token Utility

8/29/2021 nosanatokens

# Transactions

Nosana CI is an open marketplace for CI/CD. This means you can earn tokens by sharing your compute resources, or use your tokens to retrieve compute on demand.

The core token utility is around the exchange between CI/CD artifacts and the NOS token. Once Nosana nodes have run pipeline jobs, the initiator will transfer staked NOS tokens in exchange for these results.

# Mining

Mining tokens can be acquired by nodes that help run the Nosana pipelines. Nosana will host Community Nodes to run pipelines. In addition, anybody is able to join the network by sharing their compute resources. These can be machines ranging from Raspberry Pi's, smartphones, laptops, desktops PCs, as well as full-blown server racks.

# Staking

Reputation is build based on verified pipelines run by any identity on the network. Staked tokens can be used to increase reputation so that malicious nodes can be slashes in case of unwanted behaviour.

# Flowchart

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