Future Features

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Future Features

On top of all of the great features being built. We have a few more features that we are working on. These features are not currently available.


Secrets are a way to store sensitive data in the pipeline. This allows you to use sensitive data in the pipeline without having to worry about it being exposed.

Private Pipelines

Private pipelines are pipelines that are only visible to the user that created them. They are not visible to other users on the network.

Parallel Jobs

Parallel jobs are jobs that are executed at the same time. This is useful for pipelines that have multiple jobs that can be executed at the same time. This one will be huge. As it will allow for pipelines to be executed much faster.


Caching is a feature that will allow for the caching of data that is generated by the pipeline. This will allow for pipelines to be executed much faster.

Pipeline Templates

Pipeline templates are pipelines that can be used as a template for other pipelines. This will allow for pipelines to be created much faster.

Pre and Post Hooks

Pre and post hooks are scripts that are executed before and after the pipeline is executed. This is useful for setting up the environment that the pipeline will run in. This could also be usefull for the jobs.


    - name: build
      image: node:16
          - npm install
          - npm run clean
          - npm run build

Current Working directory

Having a variable in the pipeline that points to the current working directory. This will allow for the pipeline to be executed in a different directory than the root of the checked out repository.

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