Welcome to Nosana

5/12/2021 nosanaoverview

For every software developer that values transparency and trust.

This is Nosana CI. The only decentralized CI/CD platform, powered by the Solana Network, and fueled by the NOS token.

Nosana leverages the Proof-of-History consensus of the Solana Network to build out decentralized software pipelines. CI by the people, for the people!

Run code checks and build container images to earn tokens. Or simply use other Nosana nodes to run your pipelines on demand!

The platform combines edge-computing and blockchain functionality into a CI/CD marketplace. The NOS token fuels the system by creating an open marketplace. People and machine can use and share compute power to execute their software delivery pipelines.

Nosana pipelines, and phases of developement, consist of 3 individual steps. Which will be developed and released after each other.

All built completely on the Solana Network.

Welcome to Nosana, the platform that consists of everything you need to accelerate your development!

Last Updated: 10/10/2021, 8:24:30 AM