Nosana Incentivized Testnet

6/12/2021 nosanatesting

Nosana will enter Solana Testnet (opens new window) with her Incentivized Testnet program.

The Testnet program is intended to test Nosana's CI features and tools, before going to Mainnet. Projects that participate the Incentivized Testnet program will be able to acquire NOS tokens. A total of 5,000,000 NOS tokens are available for giveaway to participants in the Testnet Program.

A how-to guide for getting started with our Testnet can be found here. (opens new window)

Projects are now able to join our Incentivized Testnet here. (opens new window)

# Airdrop

Because the Testnet ledger can be reset. Tokens are distributed via Airdrop on Solana Mainnet (opens new window), on a frequent basis. NOS tokens from the Airdrop will be programmatically locked up until the official token release. Participants will not be able trade, sell, or otherwise move NOS tokens received in connection with the Testnet Program, up until the official token release and exchange listings.

# Open source projects

Open source software projects are Incentivized based on their Nosana network usage. In other words, participants will receive tokens for running pipelines. All participant will receive a limited amount of Testnet tokens. These tokens can only be used to run Nosana pipelines, and cannot be traded. The address on Testnet will be different from the actual NOS token on Mainnet, hence the Mainnet tokens will be sent via Airdrop to participants registered Mainnet address.

osNOSairdrop=NOSjobsnNpipelines\sum_{os} NOS_{airdrop} = NOS_{jobs} \forall n \in \mathbb N_{pipelines}

Participants will receive tokens for running free pipelines !

# Nodes

Nodes in the Testnet network will also be able to earn rewards. Rewards are calculated based on pipeline seconds and resources capacity.

nodeNOSairdrop=NOSjobsn×xcpuymemoryzsecondsNpipelines\sum_{node} NOS_{airdrop} = NOS_{jobs} \forall n \times x_{cpu} y_{memory} z_{seconds} \in \mathbb N_{pipelines}

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