Nosana Burner Phone

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Nosana Burner Phone

Nosana's collection of 850 Burner Phone NTFs reside on the Solana Blockchain. Consider a Burner Phone NFT to be your own network membership card. It even comes with exclusive owner benefits that you may use on the Nosana Network, in the Metaverse, or at home.


TypeSPL Tokenopen in new window
StandardNon-Fungibleopen in new window
NameNosana Burner Phone
DescriptionA collection of Burner Phones, powering Next Gen CI/CD on the Nosana Network.
Total Supply850
Collection AddressHq8nseJdPXbZG23nvstPAWprCpiX5kfbtxb76QUpsjnFopen in new window
Mint Locationnft.nosana.ioopen in new window


Burner Phones are the official NFT collection by Nosana. Holding a Burner Phone is required to access the Nosana mainnet and gives you access to dedicated community channels. Next to that, individual Burner Phones can hold special boosts. Let’s explore!

A boost is a special ability that you get when holding a specific Burner Phone. Boosts can have various levels and correspond to a visual element of your NFT. Currently, there are number of 3 boost in action.

  • Priority Queue
  • Discount
  • Extra Tickets

Priority Queue

This boost allows nodes to skip places in the Nodes Queue. This means your node will be able to get jobs quicker. Sounds a bit unfair, that’s why this boost will be rare. Wait less and earn more $NOS!


Wait less and earn more $NOS!

Certified Collection

Certified Collections enables NFTs – and tokens in general — to be grouped together and for that information to be verified on-chain. Additionally, it makes it easier to manage these collections by allocating data for them on-chain.

It allows the Nosana Network to verify NFT holders on-chain. For example, in the Nosana Jobs Program nodes are required to hold an Nosana NFT to qualify for running pipelines.


An example of a Nosana Burner Phone NFT:


Attributes allow us to define custom properties (key/value pairs) that describe the Nosana NFT. These attributes are displayed when viewing the NFT in your wallet or marketplace of choice. Some attributes unlock certain perks in the Nosana Nework, like skipping the line in the Nodes Queue.


No NFT goes without a background. A number of 5 attributes are defined in this layer.

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